This is me. I’m not a huge fan of being in front of the camera!


Where are you located?

I am based in West Falmouth on Cape Cod (it’s not IN Cape Cod, people!). All photo shoots are currently done on-location.

What is your photography style?

Overall, I’d say my style is organic, modern yet classic, and timeless. I like real images. Images that capture the real you – not the overly Photoshopped plasticky version of you.

I am primarily a natural light photographer and my favorite photographs are the ones that capture the naturally occurring moments between the people I am photographing. Not just the actual moment as it’s happening, but the feel of the moment. I want you to look at the photograph 20 years from now and remember how you felt – not necessarily how you looked.

Although my favorite shots are of the candid and photojournalistic style, I believe that posed portraits are an integral part of wedding and portrait coverage. My portraits, however, are more on the casual side and I try to keep them not only natural looking, but easy and fun and completed as efficiently as possible so you and your families can enjoy your wedding day.

While I adore a romantic photo now and again, my favorite photographs are the ones filled with laughter. Because laughter is always the best medicine!

What is your pricing for wedding and portrait photography?

Please check out the Investment page for more info on pricing.

I’m really self-conscious about my (name body part here). Can you Photoshop it?

Of course I can Photoshop your big nose, fat arms, love handles, beer gut, etc. But… like I said, I am more of a natural photographer and want these images to reflect the “real” you. If you insist on fixing the real you, it is an additional charge which will be based on the complexity of the fix.

If, however, your 18 month old fell and bruised his head, that will be removed free of charge.

If you developed a third eye (big zit) the day before your session/wedding and need me to remove it on closeup shots, I will do so free of charge.

If you grabbed a dirty, wrinkled shirt to be photographed in, then nope – you’re out of luck.

Basically, I will photograph you as you appear. Most “fixes”, other than what can’t be controlled, will be charged for.

So, will I receive edited photos?

Yes, each image does go through an editing process where I edit for color and contrast and do a light retouch. More extensive editing takes place on prints ordered through my website.

Do you travel for weddings?

Occasionally I do leave the Cape to photograph a wedding or event. And if you are talking about a destination wedding, then I’d really love that especially in the cold months!

What kind of equipment do you photograph with?

I’m a hybrid shooter. That means I photograph using both film and digital cameras. My main camera is my medium format film camera – a Contax 645. Sometimes I’ll also bring along my 35mm Nikon F100 or my Rollieflex. When shooting digital, my main camera is my Nikon D750 which I shoot with professional fixed-width or zoom lenses. And I always carry backups!

Why do you shoot film when you could shoot digital?!

Technically, I do both, but I prefer to photograph using film when the light is good. I just love the way film captures light and color. The film shots are delivered to you in digital form just like the digital camera images and I try to make them seamless so you can’t even decipher which are film and which are digital. I just love the process as well as the look of film. Film slows me down to capture only the best of the best, and I love the pretty colors, the natural look, the timeless feel and the softness of film.

About 90 percent of the images you see on my site were created with my Contax 645 and Kodak Portra 400 film.

How long have you been photographing weddings and portraits for hire?

I started my photography business in June 2006.

What would you say makes you unique amongst all the other photographers out there?

Well, aside from the fact I shoot film in this digital age, I think the unique thing about my photography is ME. Style and personality are really two of the most important things in hiring a photographer, in my opinion. First, you must like the style of the images. And hopefully you like mine, which is why you’re here taking the time to read all this! So, personality is the next factor in hiring a photographer who is the right fit – especially if you are hiring a wedding photographer who is going to be with you all day.

On the whole, I’m a pretty relaxed, laid-back person. And I like to have fun. I can be quiet and shy at times, but once you get to know me, you’d hardly think that! I like to think that I can make the most timid feel at ease in front of the camera (or at least look like they are!). While I am laid-back, I am also on-point (aka: Type A)! I like to get the job done, and if needed, I am able to take charge. I can handle large groups and give direction if necessary to get great shots. But most of the time,  I like to hang in the background unobtrusively and capture the moments as they unfold.

I also have years of experience. At this point I’ve photographed over 500 (probably more) family sessions and over 125 (or more) weddings. I have many tips and tricks to make you look natural in front of my camera, or to make your two year old or obnoxious relative cooperate for portraits.

I help you with planning your portrait session and give advice on what to wear and location. I create a timeline and a shot list for your wedding and help you create a stress-free event. I have enough experience to anticipate the important moments before they happen – the teary eyes when your parents see you in your wedding gown, a stolen glance from your groom during the ceremony, a giggle when the ring doesn’t go on quite so easily, your mother with tears in her eyes as she watches you dance with your Dad, that look of “you better not!” when your Groom feeds you the cake…

(And by the way, I think I’ve cried at about 120 of those weddings.)

What will you wear to our wedding?

I always think this is such a funny question, but I apparently some photographers don’t know how to dress! My job as a photographer is physically demanding and I need to be comfortable and able to move on your wedding day. But, I also realize this is a wedding – and I dress as such! I will typically wear what I think is appropriate to wear as a guest to your wedding. If you are hosting a casual beach ceremony, then you’ll probably find me in a sun dress and flip flops or sensible shoes I can easily take off/on. However, if you are having an elegant event at a 5-star resort, then I will wear a cocktail dress and sensible heels suitable for the wedding. And I just bought this which is my current outfit of choice.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time? What’s that?! Ha! Well, when I do have some rare time to myself I like to spend it with my family and my friends. I like going to the beach, boating, vacationing to warm destinations, skiing (even though I hate the cold), exercising (Crossfit, running, yoga), gardening, DIYing, reading, Netflixing food documentaries or a great series, cooking, eating! (sushi is my favorite), listening to music or going to see a show, and drinking wine or prosecco (or any other yummy concoction for that matter ;-).

What are your hours?

My summer hours are Mon-Fri 9am-4pm in the office. During the busy season (June thru Sept) I am also out photographing on those evenings and sometimes early in the morning as well. Saturdays I am typically photographing a wedding (and am not available by phone or email). And Sunday I am closed for business and photo sessions (except for an occasional Sunday wedding or event/makeup photo session).

Winter hours vary. Please email me and I will get back to you within 3 days.

How can we contact you?

I’m reachable by email at kml@kmlphotography.com, by phone at 508.274.2598 or by my Contact Form. I answer my emails and calls during my regular office hours Mon-Fri 9am-4pm.