Brookside Club Wedding: Erin + Brenton | Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

I met Erin at the Holiday Inn the early afternoon the day she was getting married. I’d never been to the Holiday Inn before, so I scoped it out beforehand. I was told there was a gazebo in the back that might be good to take some pictures at before the ceremony. But when I saw it in person, I thought it left much to be desired. With the way the sun was facing, I’d have cars in the background and really, I hate gazebos anyway (reminds me wedding photography of the 80’s with puffy sleeved dresses and heinous headpieces – I shudder to think of it!). But as I was walking to Erin’s room, I noticed a cool, little spot indoors with beautiful light streaming through the sheers. Ah, this was it! 

When I arrived to the room, the girls were getting ready and listening to a little mood music. Erin’s dress was hanging in the window. How cute is the hanger?

Here’s one of Erin’s flower girls checking her out after she got her dress on. Cute!And putting on the final touches.And lastly, the shoes. I thought the photo on the bottom was pretty funny of Erin’s MOH helping her buckle them. And here was the spot!A different perspective.And the kids walking down the aisle at St. Thomas Chapel. So cute!And I love Brenton’s reaction to seeing Erin for the first time as she walks down with her mom. He looks excited and happy!I do!After some family shots at the church, we headed to the beach down the road in front of the Falmouth Yacht Club. It was super windy and super sunny. But we had fun. The bride and groom were pretty much up for anything – including a little playtime on the swingset!By the time we arrived at the Brookside Club, the sky had gotten pretty gray and was threatening rain. So, before the rain came, we took some more shots out on the golf course. The light was actually quite nice – much better than the squinty beach photos! Erin looked lovely.
And we had some fun frolicking on the grounds.And a classic shot of the bride and groom.
Erin and Brenton had a photobooth at their wedding and I just LOVE this shot of Brenton’s parents in the booth with the priest! Hysterical!
Here are the pictures of Erin and Brenton in the photobooth (taken by the photobooth company).And here’s my perspective.And the last shot of the night. LOVE IT!And here are the pictures of me and my assistant, Fran in the photobooth – LOL! (She pressed the button before I was sitting!)

Thank you, Erin and Brenton! We had a great time on such a happy day! May you have many happy years ahead of you!

Robin Canha

Fabulous pictures, Kate! Love them! You really captured the moment!