Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…|Cape Cod Photographer

2011 will be the year of big changes around here…

A few weeks ago, my husband started a new job. He used to work a mile and a half down the road. He’d get up around 8:30am, put on his jeans and sweatshirt, throw on some sneakers and a fleece, get the boys on the bus and head off at about 8:55am (give or take). He’d be home to fill his cup of coffee, get something he’d forgotten, eat lunch, and watch the kids when I had a photo shoot and the nanny had the day off.

With his new job, he’s working off-Cape. Commuting 45 minutes on some days, an hour and a half on others. The alarm goes off around 6am. He showers AND shaves. He irons his dress shirt. He dresses in a suit and tie. He puts on his wing-tipped shoes and overcoat and heads out the door before I’m even out of bed.

I never thought I’d see the day. My husband isn’t exactly a suit-wearing kinda guy. He’s definitely a jeans/t-shirt man. In fact, I’d often thought I should get him on “What Not To Wear” and get Stacey and Clinton to throw away the dreaded “stretchy pants” and old tees with holes he prefers to wear.

With all that said, the biggest difference between the two jobs in spite of the long commute, the stuffy outfit and aching feet from uncomfortable shoes, he walks through the door with a smile on his face and an air of excitement I haven’t seen in a long time. And he’s not too shabby looking in that getup either! 😉 Stacey and Clinton would be proud. I know I am!


Ali –
I thought the same thing when I got your message. I will return the call later this week. Thanks for checking in. Miss you! K

Alison Camardella

Funny that I called you today to see how Andrew’s adjustment is going and little did I know that I just had to read your blog for the update! Would still like catch up, but you painted a great picture of life at the Lowenstein’s. Every time I try to picture Andrew in his sharp suit and tie the only thing I can think of is seeing him at a wedding. It doesn’t quite seem natural for him, but I am glad that he sounds so enthusiastic about the new job. Love to you both – Ali