Laila + Brian Engagement Session | Woods Hole Photographer

It was a very windy evening in Woods Hole and there happen to be a slew of other photographers at the lighthouse for engagement sessions. When I arrived, there was no parking in the wee little lot and I waved out my car window and yelled to Laila & Brian that I’d park down the hill and run up. I noticed they were standing there speaking with another gal. Later I learned that the woman they were speaking to had mistaken them as her clients. She had approached them and given them big hugs and was getting ready to start in on their engagement session when I pulled up. After I yelled out the window, she asked, “Who is that?!” And they replied, “Our photographer.” AWKWARD! ┬áHaha.

Anyway, I’m so pleased that I am their photographer! Just look at them and you will know why. And most importantly, they are as sweet as they look!

I love when couples laugh together. That one on the right just makes me smile!
Gorgeous, Laila!Tender moments. And laughter. I think that’s a recipe for a happy marriage.Love this one.And this one too.Stunning.I am so looking forward to their Wianno Club wedding later this month! XO