Latham Family | Cape Cod Family Portrait Photographer

Today, Amy came to my studio for her viewing and purchasing session. I photographed her and her beautiful family a few weeks earlier at her home in Chatham. It was an early morning session on a gorgeous summer day. Early enough that it wasn’t too hot and that the kids were awake before morning naps. Some photographers call this a “lifestyle” session – just going in and observing their life for an hour or two. The kids tend to feel comfortable in their own surroundings and I am able to capture life as they know it.

They have this fabulous swing on their back porch. It was a great ice-breaker!

Then Henry showed me his really cool car. He looks like he might run me over! The second image is priceless! 


Here’s a trio of Amy and one of the twins, Viv. This is the great thing about coming to the studio for the viewing and purchasing session rather than viewing and purchasing your images online. I am able to discuss the wall space and create collages or wall groupings that you are able to envision. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one! They are gorgeous!

Here are the twins together – Viv and Georgia. TOO CUTE! 
(I can tell them apart now – I have to admit on the day of the shoot I had a tough time!) And here’s Georgia. So serious. A little angel. Look at how the twins both have their hands on their older brother. Love it!

Look at the blue eyes and eyelashes on this kid! I’m so envious! 
Here’s Georgia with Dad, Bill. All smiles with the cutest little snaggle tooth!And once again gorgeous Mom with Viv and handsome Daddy with Georgia. Looks great either in a framed print like below or two wrapped canvases. 

Here’s the images Amy selected as her favorite of the whole family. Proud (and super cute) big brother, gorgeous parents, and twins I could just eat up they are so cute! 
Here’s the frame/mat combo we chose.

And here’s what it looks like on their bedroom wall. (Another perk of the in-studio purchase session!). I can’t wait to see what it looks like in person!

Thank you, Amy and Bill for inviting me into your home, making me feel so comfortable and allowing me to photograph your adorable family!

So fabulous! I’m so glad the lathams called you!