Lauren & Jeremy Wedding | Ocean Edge Wedding | Brewster Wedding Photographer

This might very well be my longest wedding post ever, so I’ll try to be short on words and long on photographs. A few years ago, Lauren’s sister, Jen, hired me to photograph their family beach portrait, so I was thrilled when she asked me to be her wedding photographer! These two are just two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, their wedding day was kind of drizzly and cold. But there was hope that the ceremony would take place outside on the front lawn as planned… until the drizzle turned into full on rain, that is! But that didn’t stop these two from beaming from ear to ear all day. And I was thrilled that they weren’t scared to get a little damp for their portraits. In spite of the drizzle, we got some great ones (well, I think so anyway)! Mom looks on as her sisters help her with the finishing touches.And here’s the little photographer. So cute! She snapped pictures of me the whole time saying “gotcha!” Clearly, I got her back!I just can’t watch! Hehe.Love this shot of Jeremy and his sisters as we reenacted the picture Mom used to take. And Lauren just being her gorgeous self.I just love that these two laugh and laugh together.
And again with the laughter.OK. They just won’t stop [laughing].Laughter.And just a few tears through the smiles as sisters, Dianna and Jen, wish them well and tell the story of their first date, which happened to be a trip to the movies with the whole family!Didn’t see much of Jeremy’s Mom’s face during the dance as she had it buried in his shoulder the whole time. But that was pretty much expected when he handed her a pack of tissues beforehand.And then the dancing kicked in!Photo booth fun.