Leather Craftsmen Albums | Cape Cod Photographer

It’s hard to believe we’re already into the month of February. Where is the time going? At least that means we are one month closer to summertime and warmth!

February is the month of Valentine’s Day, candy hearts, chocolate, another school vacation, and unfortunately for us in the Northeast, lots of snow and cold. And of course being snowed in means even more chocolate and candy hearts. Around here, it’s also the month of album building!

Last year, I made the switch to use Leather Craftsmen exclusively for my albums. For me they are the cream of the crop of wedding albums. I’ve used other (less costly) album companies in the past. One album company sent me a warped album. Another sent me my album with a flaw in the leather. These were not albums that went to my clients. And because I know that this type of thing would never happen with Leather Craftsmen, they are my official album company!

What I love about Leather Craftsmen albums is their quality – top quality materials, top quality construction. They are beautiful, they are classic, and they will stand the test of time.

Here are a few examples…

They arrive in a pretty black box.

My designs are simple and classic. The image on the right is one of my favorites from my 2009 weddings. Kara’s dad had worked for months and months to get their property ready for Kara and Mike’s outdoor tented reception. He removed large boulders, built meandering stone walls (by hand! by himself!), and did a total cleanup of the property right up to the day before the wedding when I met him and his wife who showed me around. In this picture, his hands are red and callused and dirt remains under his nails. He grabs onto his only daughter, Kara tightly for their first dance. I just LOVE it and it makes me want to cry every time I see it.  
Kara and Mike’s 10×10 40 page album and Ann and Nate’s 12×12 50 page album.

Hillary & James’ flush mount wedding album with no gutter.In addition to the flush mount albums, I also offer Leather Craftsmen’s matted series album. I LOVE this album.

The images are individually print and hand mounted to the page. Rachel and Neill chose the ivory mat and copper liner.I love that I can do flush spreads along side matted images.And it is classic and elegant.Thank you, Leather Craftsmen for a product above all others! And now, I’m off to do some album designing!