Lindsay + Will – Part 1 | Osterville Photographer

It’s rare that I don’t photograph my wedding couples until their wedding day. Included in all of my wedding packages is an engagement session. I include the engagement session so that I can get to know the couple before the big day. Who are they? How did they meet? What do they do in their spare time? And hopefully they get to know a little about me as well. It’s a big part of my process in getting the bride and groom comfortable in front of my camera, so that on the wedding day it’s really not so scary (yes, I think being in front of the camera is scary!) and helps the portraits move along much more efficiently.

But in Lindsay and Will’s case, although we did meet here in my studio once before and had a great connection, we didn’t get the chance to meet again for an engagement session. So, in lieu, I came to their rehearsal dinner which was held at the Osterville Historical Museum the night before the wedding.

Here they held an Old Fashioned Clambake for their guests.

We snuck away from the guests for just a bit for some portraits at the museum as well as Crosby Yacht Yard down the street.

And back to the party… 

I was ready to leave at this point, but they had so kindly set up a place for me at the table and had included me in their dinner! What?! I thought about leaving. I had told my husband I’d be home before the kids went to bed. But I hadn’t had lobster in a while and these people seemed like fun! So, I sat at the end of the table, ate the most delicious steamers I’d ever had, made some new friends, cracked some lobster, laughed, and had a wonderful time! I’m so glad I decided to stay.

Lindsay and Will, I can’t thank you enough for including me at your rehearsal dinner. You made me feel like a friend, and not like “the help” and I so appreciate that!  It means so much to me… I’m so happy to have met your family and your friends and I can’t wait until we all get together again! XO (wedding pics coming soon!!)