Stephanie + Paul | Spohr Gardens Wedding | Falmouth Wedding Photographer

Hold on for a long post with a lot of photos! If you follow me on Facebook, you may recall my mention of a Thursday wedding. This is it! And it was honestly one of my favorite weddings yet. Nothing super fancy…just true love with the people that are most important to them. And I was honored to take part and capture their wedding for the people who could not be present. I loved the intimacy of this wedding, the details that were put together with the help their families (and especially Steph’s crafty Mom, Mara), getting to know each and every guest and capturing photos of all of them.

Steph and Paul’s “happily ever after” started here at Spohr Gardens

All of the guests!

I was so happy for a beautiful evening and the fact that Steph and Paul allotted plenty of time for photographs of the two of them. 

When we returned to the parking lot a little surprise awaited – a showering of (biodegradable!) confetti and the antique car.

The reception was held here.

Both the bride and groom are from England, so the guests played the game of Conkers.
Paul’s parents. Steph’s parents. How cute are they?!

Conkers is fun, until the other person hits your knuckles!

And the backyard was so pretty and the light so beautiful, I couldn’t resist a few more pics of the bride and groom.
Thanks you Stephanie and Paul for allowing me to take part, trusting me to capture your special day, making me feel so welcomed, and being such great subjects to photograph! Wishing you both a happy future together! XO, Kate