The four letter F word | FILM

For over a year and a half I’ve been thinking about going back to shooting film. Yes, I said it. Right here on the internet. The four letter F word.

When I started photographing years ago, I started with 35mm film. I loved film. B&W film, in particular. But when digital photography came around and was all the rage, well, of course I moved on to digital thinking I could shoot more, save money on the development of film, and do some really cool things in Photoshop. All these are true. But the reality is, digital photography is extremely time consuming!

Instead of sending the roll of films off to the lab, I sit for hours and hours and hours “developing” the digitally shot images. And because I can shoot more digitally, I do. And that means more images to edit. I’ve hired help in the past, but that didn’t work out so well. I’ve outsourced my editing, and that wasn’t the solution for me either.

So, I’ve not only been thinking about shooting film for the time and the money (because believe me, it’s not cheap!), but I ADORE the LOOK of film. Even though there are different ways of processing digital files to look like film, to me, there’s nothing like film itself. And so, I dusted off my Nikon F100 recently and reached into the well-expired film in my spare refrigerator. And I shot film.

And here’s a few from my very first roll in about 5 years. (These are straight from the lab, not an ounce of editing except for resizing for the web)

I love the creamy skin tones.

Aren’t the colors delicious and warm?And remember Baby Mason? I just love the vintage look of these images shot on film! And the purity of them. 

And the best part? I didn’t spend hours in front of the computer editing these images to look like film!

While I LOVE film, I am not quite ready to jump in head first shooting film. I’ll still be shooting digital. But don’t be surprised if you see me loading a roll at a wedding, or on a shoot just to have fun with and give a different look to your session. Of course, if you want me to shoot 100% film, I’m game!

I LOVE these!!! So great to see those first image scans come through :-) I’m totally with you on the digital development time and how much of a relief it is to sit back and just enjoy shooting. Have fun!