Wear the Dress | Falmouth Portrait Photographer

Emma was the winner of my Wear The Dress contest (read more about that here) and I photographed her about a month ago at Spohr Garden in Falmouth. It also happened to be the morning of her 10th Year Wedding Anniversary! Married for ten years and with three kids now, she wasn’t sure the dress would fit…but it zipped! And she looked gorgeous! Emma is a make-up artist that I have the pleasure of working with on occasion and she is the sweetest! Lucky for me, she is also GORGEOUS in front of my camera. I had such a blast photographing her and I can’t wait until my next Wear The Dress session!

Here are some of my favorites both on film (35mm & Contax 645) as well as digital.

Are you serious?! Simply stunning. This is my FAVE!

Makeup: Emma Josselyn