Wear the Dress Session | Cape Cod Photographer

I bet most former brides have a dress that looks like this…

All preserved in a box and awaiting for your daughter or granddaughter to say she wants to wear it for her own wedding. Mine, on the other hand, is in a ball in the back of my closet…somewhere. I never preserved it. It was a wear-one-time kinda thing for me. First of all, I didn’t anticipate a daughter. And now that I have one, I can’t wait to go shopping with her and pick out HER perfect wedding dress (well, I can wait  – she’s only five).

I mean, really…what are the chances that your girl will want to get married in your dress?  I say slim. For instance, in the eighties the trend was lace and big, puffy sleeves. Women getting married now would not be caught dead in that! Someday down the road the highly adored sleeveless and ruffly dress of today will be “soooo 2012″.

So, being it February, and being rather bored, my sister Erin and I decided we would do a “wear it again” session. Whether it’s called wear it again or trash the dress, it’s all the same… Put your dress on and take pictures that you never would have dared take on your wedding day. It could be the day after your wedding, a few months later, your five year anniversary, ten year, when you’ve reached your weightloss goal of your wedding day weight, Valentine’s Day, because you hated your wedding day photos and want some awesome shots :-), or in my sister’s case, just because…

It was kind of a last minute, “today is nice, let’s do this!” decision. And so on her way down to the Cape, she stopped to get her eyebrows waxed. She told the woman at the salon what she was up to and they insisted on doing her makeup for her. BONUS!

Taking the dress out of the box felt a little weird – like we were doing something wrong. But a little like Christmas too. After all, it had been over 15 years since she last wore the dress. And would it fit? Or would I desperately be clamping the back of it shut? With just a slight bit of sucking in, it fit! Woohoo!

A glass of wine to relax a little…

Honestly, most of the session was spent with both of us laughing like this!But here are some of my favorites when we weren’t cracking up.Love this series.

This is one of my favorites.

After some shots in my backyard, we took it to the beach. It was CRAZY windy and poor sister was so cold – but a trooper!

Editing these pictures was really strange. Although people for years have asked us if we’re twins, I never realized how much we look alike. It was like looking in a mirror. She turns to one side and she looks exactly like me, turns to the other and she looks like our sister, Kerri. Totally weird! That could be me on the right.Erin was even a trooper when the wellies filled with water!After we had fun with the dress, it was time for some more serious shots for her website.

In honor of Valentine’s Day and my first wear the dress session ever, I am going to give away a FREE WEAR THE DRESS SESSION! All you have to do to enter to win, is like my Facebook Page by clicking here, and post a comment below here on my blog. Say anything you want… that you love the pictures of my beautiful sister, tell me why you deserve a free wear the dress session, or just say hi!  A winner will be selected at random on Wednesday, February 22nd. The session will be free including a disc of my favorites from your session. Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck!

PS – this session was shot on both digital and film. D700 and Contax 645 – various film stocks.

Casey Hinkley

Kate…the pictures are amazing!! Erin…you look beautiful & your dress still fits perfectly!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Absolutely LOVE the idea of this!!

Linda Desjarlais

Erin, absolutely beautiful. Your sister has a gift!
It’s like a rebirth for the dress. It takes on a new life in a different way.
Love it!!!

Cheryl Marsh

OMG Erin is beautifull.!!! My daughter Kristin and I did daycare for Erin, we always thought she was gorgeous!!! Beautifull pictures! Wished I could even think about wearing my wedding dress, but after 37 years I doubt it. haha!! I bet my daughter could fit into hers though. only been ten for her and three kids later.

Tonja Flanagan

Erin…. You are a natural:) I hope my dress still fits,seeing that it only has been 7 months:)

Jen Chagnon

Kate, these are great!! I especially love the rain boots in the water. And you really do look like twins – even your expressions are the same! This would be so much fun! My dress is in my Grandmother’s closet, so I’m pretty sure she would be happy if I picked it up :-) Five years and a baby later, I’m curious if it still fits…


Kerri – If you lose 20 pounds and fit in your dress, I will certainly give you the sisterly discount of free!

And Katie – ooohhh! I like how you’re thinking!

I’ve been brainstorming ideas… Can’t wait to see who wins it and what we come up with!

Katie Matzen

These are great, I thought they were you at first! I would love to wear my dress again so I could give some great pictures to my Mom. She spent a bundle and I feel guilty that its in a box in the closet. She would love this! What a great Mothers day surprise that would be. I think my dress would go nice next to or on a horse!

Lori Sheehan

Kate, granted you had a beautiful model to work with in Erin, but these pictures are fabulous! And as always, Erin’s dress is a classic – mine has just the poof sleeves you described! I have always thougth about having a wear your wedding dress party, but this is even better. Still loving the pictures you took of the family. Glad I did it before they went off to college.

What a beautiful model… The dress, jewelry, film… Love!


Not sure I qualify, but if I lose the 20 pounds that I’m desperately trying to lose, I think that I deserve a free session! Of course if we were to try it now, we would need clamps, elastics, paperclips whatever to try to shut the darn thing!


These are awesome! I can only hope I look that fab in my wedding dress in ten years

Emma Josselyn

I’m coming up on ten years this May! I’m pretty sure my dress could fit, after three children I would be thrilled if it did… enter me in please!


Love the wheelbarrow shots… Awesomeness!

Meghan Doyle

Looking at these pictures made me smile from ear to ear. Kate, you are one incredible photographer…and Erin, you look simply marvelous and beautiful and happy. The Murphy girls are amazing!! Love you all.

Beth Pendergast

I love the idea. Your sister is gorgeous, and yes she looks just like you!