What to Wear | Early Spring Engagement Session

Looks like my 2011 bride/groom couples are all on the same page…I’ve been receiving lots of emails from couples looking to schedule their engagement sessions for this spring. Other than “where should we do it?”, the biggest question I get is “what should we wear?”

So, here’s a little edition of what I will call What to Wear on my blog.

What I tell them is, you don’t have to match. In fact, I prefer it if you don’t. However, definitely COORDINATE your clothing. Don’t wear white. And don’t be afraid of color. Create a color palette (just like you probably did for your wedding day) and stick with 3 -4 coordinating colors. And stay within the same color tones, if possible so neither of you are standing out more than the other.

Think about texture… I love ruffles. And layers. And accessories – a chunky necklace, a scarf, a cute pair of shoes that stand out, boots, argyle socks for the groom to be…

Check out the following image. It’s one of my faves from a 2010 engagement session in Boston’s North End. I love the architectural details. The lines. The lighting. The embrace.  But most of all, I love Kim’s shoes! Seriously. Those shoes add just the touch that tells me more about Kim and her style and also gives the print more interest. I have this shot hanging in my studio as a 16×24. LOVE the shoes.

Above all when dressing for your session, BE YOURSELF! Dress like YOU and be comfortable! If you are uncomfortable in your clothes, you will look uncomfortable in your photos. So please dress for the weather. If you are cold, then your shoulders will shrug and you won’t be able to relax for a photo. Be warm – even if you have to wear a coat or sweater.

Feel free to change your look throughout the session (and be prepared to do so in your car :-). Perhaps for the first part of your session, we roam Main Street and get some cute shots of the bride-to-be in a dress with a cardigan and heels and groom-to-be in a coordinating shirt and pants or jeans. Then, we switch it up and do a casual jeans look on the beach.

I really look forward to shooting engagement sessions to get to know more about the brides/grooms I will be photographing on their wedding day. I learn a lot from a couple and their style just by what they are wearing during their engagement session. I get a good feel for what they like, their personalities and how their style will be reflected on their wedding day.

Here’s a little inspiration for an early spring engagement session.

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