Wychmere Harbor Club Wedding: Casey + Andy | Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Casey & Andy’s Wychmere Harbor Wedding. It was my first time shooting there and in spite of a little rain, it was perfect! 

Andy and Casey are two very motivated and exceptional people. Casey’s knickname is “Sarge”, as in Sergeant. When she was a baby, she had a perfect military “Gomer Pyle” haircut, which is how the knickname originated. However, as she got older, the knickname took on a new meaning – her sisters always thought it was because of her bossy nature. Andy is a graduate of Sloan, and works 80 hour weeks. In spite of the tales their families told about their “Type A” personalities, I just think they are two of the nicest, sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure to photograph! And here is a little teaser from their wedding…

Casey wore one of my favorite dresses yet! It was so “Sarah Jessica Parker” and looked absolutely fabulous on her!

I absolutely love her Mom’s reactions seeing her all dressed. Priceless!

And some fab shoes! (Did I mention I LOVE colored shoes on a bride?)

Her Mom helped put on her veil.

And while all this was going on Andy and his groomsmen were outside getting getting their pictures taken before the rain came. A handsome bunch, don’t you think?

And then it was Casey and her bridesmaids turn. Unfortunately, by the time we got outside it was sprinkling, the wind was fierce and everyone had a bit of a chill. But they were troopers and we got some great shots.

While Casey warmed up inside, I had some fun with the girls (who all looked smashing in their J.Crew bridesmaids dresses!).Casey, you’re gorgeous!Fluffy peonies are my favorite! (maybe because they remind me of marshmallows?) Thanks to Karen from Lilacs for some gorgeous bouquets and amazing table decor.Karen even decorated the statue on the outside of the church. All the way to the church it POURED. When we arrived, the rain stopped, but there is still a drip of water on the statue’s chin.There are always a few moments during the ceremony that I love. Here Casey and Andy share a giggle.

Married! Ando con Caso! (That’s Andy with Casey  for you non-Spanglish speakers).

Then down to The Overlook for some family and wedding party photos. One of my favorites.And following formals, it was time for a little surprise! Andy and Casey had arranged for a boat to take the wedding party from the harbor to the Wychmere Harbor club. A big surprise to the wedding party. And I couldn’t resist a few shots on the dock of the newly married couple.Love it!Oh the fabulous shoes (again)! You too, Andy!
As we approached the Wychmere Harbor Club, everyone was waiting!

And the classic group shot at Wychmere Harbor Club. (Just afterwards it started pouring! Thank you Mother Nature for waiting).

And time to dance. I love this shot. Natural light. The movement of Casey’s dress. Everyone watching as they dance their first dance. And an old “film noir” look.

The band was one of the best wedding bands I’ve seen yet! And they got in on the dancing as well and got the whole crowd out of their seats and on the dance floor. (I wanted to stay and dance with them!).

Thank you again Casey & Andy for a wonderful wedding. It was such a pleasure and days like these (even in spite of the rain) are why I love my job!

Reception: Wychmere Harbor Club

Bakery: Montillio’s

Floral Design: Lilac’s

Band: First Class Band

Trolley service: Cape Destinations Trolley

fabulous job!!!